Wimbledon’s Finest Attendees

In most cases, when one is attending a sporting event wearing jeans and a t-shirt, your favorite player’s jersey or your most casual outfit is more than expected and accepted…well except for one of the most stylish sporting events of all time. Wimbledon is an anomaly among the sports world that sits in with the other prestigious majors that are extravagant throughout both tennis and golf crowds. Try wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to this event and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

It is known for being one of the most watched sporting events, and just as well known for bringing out the most fashionable A-list men every year. The show stopping style will allow you to momentarily take your eyes off the heart-racing tournament and gather some summer fashion inspiration.

Jude Law showed us how to effortlessly beat the heat in an all white double-breasted linen suit. He paired his suit with a light blue button up and dark blue tie, pocket square and stylish round sunglasses. The athletes aren’t the only ones who look great in an all white look.

Stanley Tucci also got the memo when it came to wearing white; avoiding the all-white trend, he stuck to a white pant paired with a navy jacket, blue tie, and red patterned pocket square.

Douglas Booth took the cool route in his all grey suit. Booth looked put together, yet casual thanks to the first couple of unbuttoned objects atop his shirt along with his perfectly slightly darker shaded loafers to match.

Look to Luke Evans, Aidan Turner, Chitwetel Eijofor and David Beckham who are some other great menswear aficionados that turned out to be some of the grass-court’s  most fashionable on lookers to date.