Wear Shearling From Head to Toe

The weather outside is becoming frightful, but that doesn’t mean that your winter wardrobe has to be. There many ways to stay warm but keep it cool and one of the chicest ways is by wearing shearling.

For those who don’t know, shearling is a sheep and lambskin pelt that goes through a shearing process. It is most commonly seen on coats and jackets either on the  inside or around the collar. These forms of outerwear can come in all different shapes and sizes from cropped to trench. And the materials that are used with the wool can vary from denim to leather. One of the most commonly seen coat worn by celebs and the style savvy is the leather and shearling jacket by Burberry. A more wallet friendly version of this jacket is the Winter Nights Bomber Jacket from Forever 21.

Although shearling is great on coats, it can be found on many other fashionable garments and accessories. From gloves to boots and handbags your shearling look doesn’t have to stop with apparel. Try the ever trendy Alexander McQueen “Faithful” boogie with it’s plunging zipper and skull detail. Or carry your belongings in a shearling clutch like the “Stevie Faux Shearling bag” from Nasty Gal. Having hints of this fabric incorporated into your look creates an interesting detail that will surely stand out.

For you animal lovers or those of you who maybe do not want to splurge on the real deal, there are plenty synthetic versions out there and trust us they look just as stylish. The most important thing (besides looking fabulous of course!) is to be warm, so if that is an important function you need make sure the shearling isn’t just for looks but actually serves a purpose. If not, then have fun with lighter weight blend with a vest or a simple scarf. Stay warm and stylish!

Amanda Frechette is a contributor to Chaos magazine. Her drug of choice is all things fashion. After experiencing amazing internships at Levi’s, Marie Claire, and Lucky Amanda now works for Nordstrom. She is passionate about fashion journalism and has her own fashion blog, The Style Bible. Amanda likes to shop to as far as her credit cards will let her and hopes that someday she will become an editor for a high end fashion magazine.