Urban Prep Featuring Mark McNairy

Urban Prep Featuring Mark McNairy

There is something particularly thrilling about big city life. There’s hustle and bustle, and every day seems to be a party. But, the best thing about city living is the clothes. Big cities are usually known for their heightened sense of fashion, as people are all about standing out in the huge crowd. Designer Mark McNairy took all of the best things about the urban lifestyle and created a collection that screams city living and comfort.

The looks are exciting without being too over the top, they’re different without being too showy, and they’re tailored yet not too tight. Everything about the Mark McNairy New Amsterdam collection just works. There’s a certain amount of camp incorporated into these styles that push them through the bounds of the typical urban look. Mark McNairy took the classic sport coat and tie, threw on a pair of checkered shorts and a pair of leather sneakers, and somehow came out with a winning outfit.

It sounds far fetched, but trust us, it looks great. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Mark McNairy is a miracle worker. He managed to take one of the worst items in the world and create a look that is nearly to die for. He took monstrosities like sweat pants with the elastic around the ankle, threw on a black jacket and a snap-back cap, and made magic. That takes some special skills.

The New Amsterdam collection is a refreshing sense of Kid ‘N Play meets B-Boy who had a fling in the Upper East Side.

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