How To Travel This Summer With Ease

We are well into the summer and this is the peak time for those of us who have the travel bug to pick up and go. Whether it’s a short weekend trip or week-long tropical vacation, packing efficiently can be quite the challenge. Debating on what to or what not to pack has been an age-old issue for many. It often results in either over packing or under packing, two unfortunate alternatives that we can’t afford to make. Packing is more than just throwing a couple of t-shirts, a pair of swimming trunks and jeans into a duffle bag. Packing neutral pieces that embody versatility and packing lightly will help you avoid extra baggage fees along with packing just the right amount of clothing.

Let’s start with the most important piece to this puzzle, the traveling duffle. The name explains itself; this is not your typical gym bag in which they are a bit more fashionable and can be found in different textures, styles and colors. This bag will have you traveling to your destination in style. Retailers such as Nordstrom are great places to find a variety of sacks that suit any secret getaway.

Next will be a small, travel case to carry your toiletries in such as this Hershel travel case. It will prevent possible spills and keep in mind packing smaller portions will help lighten your load and ensure an easy travel experience. Try this roll-on cologne and mini shaving kit to keep within your travel case.

Last, but definitely not least it’s important to pack versatile pieces that are neutral in color and made up of wrinkle free material, such as linen and cotton. Pack key pieces that will allow you to mix and match to create different outfits everyday of your trip. A linen blazer will allow you to dress up for those fancy dinners on a more decadent evening. A couple cotton t-shirts, a pair of trousers, swimming trunks, a button up, a transitional pair of shoes and of course a good pair of sunglasses are all excellent additions to a weekender bag that keeps you from bursting at the seams and slipping away smoothly.

Remember these tips as you prepare for next trip small or vast and you’ll be sure travel effectively.