Top Notch Male Fashion Bloggers To Follow

The fashion blogger isn’t just your selfie capturing, Starbucks loving, flat-lay perfecting woman anymore. The fashion blogger title has extended itself into the world of menswear. The male fashion blogger has become more and more apparent over the years. The sources for fashion inspiration, advice, etc. concerning menswear can seem limited compared to the abundant resources for women’s fashion. Though there may be fewer resources for you guys out there who have taken an interest in fashion there are definitely some worth following. There is a menswear blogging site for every guy out there.

For the man who is looking for someone to help create stylish content, yet want to look for inspiration through fashionable story telling, Street Etiquette may be the blog for you. Street Etiquette is a men’s lifestyle blog turned creativity agency owned by Josua Kissi and Travis Gumb. Kissi and Gumb enjoy fashionable storytelling through menswear. Street Etiquette also offers services such as brand consultation, lookbook curation, styling, and creative advertising.

If you’re a man who’s style is a mixture of the west and east coasts Tommy Lei’s blog Mybelonging will give you some enjoyment. A self-proclaimed man who is the “high fashion guy next door”, he isn’t afraid of a little controversy and has created a lifestyle blog about his perfected west meets east style.

Are you a southern born man with a big city mindset? Scout Sixteen may be more relatable to you. Justin Livingston is a Mississippi born and New York bred fashionable male who has three vices; whiskey, good times and bull dogs. Justin is dedicated to giving his viewers new discoveries and outlooks on an average day.

Fashion inspiration when it comes to menswear can seem limiting compared to the large amount of resources women have. Yes there may be fewer resources, but it doesn’t mean they don’t hold value.