Summer Style: Airport Attire

Now that it’s summer, it’s time to take a flight to your favorite place or go on a spontaneous road trip with your friends. Even though everybody loves to go on vacation, it can be difficult to find the right outfit to wear while traveling. Airports especially entail extreme temperature changes that are almost impossible to prepare for. Between the blasts of ice cold air conditioning and the warm, stuffy areas, it is important to be wearing the right clothes. When choosing your travel attire, there are three things to keep in mind: comfort, layers, and looking put together, of course!

To avoid discomfort, wear soft and light fabrics. Flowy tops paired with loose sweaters and jackets are perfect for travel because they are super comfortable. Model Gigi Hadid avoided tight tops by wearing an oversized, striped button down at the airport. Her black leggings and slip on shoes added a stylish, but casual vibe to her look.

The best shoes to wear while traveling are sneakers because they are the ultimate walking shoe. Adidas, Nike, Puma and other brands have become increasingly trendy to incorporate into daily wear. While at the airport, model Doutzen Kroes showed off her white sneakers with skinny jeans, a striped button down, and a blazer. The contrast between her formal and casual pieces created the perfect balance within her ensemble. While traveling, model Bella Hadid took a different style approach by going all out with a sporty vibe. She wore Adidas Yeezy sneakers with a black Adidas track pant and fitted sweatshirt. It is safe to say that sneakers will keep your feet comfy and cute!

While traveling, try to avoid wearing a lot of jewelry. Instead, accessorize with a scarf and an oversized bag. Scarves are a great extra layer for when you get cold and they look like you put more time into your look than you did. For example, actress Selena Gomez was seen rocking a thick, grey scarf at the airport. It added detail to her  simple outfit, while keeping her warm. Oversized purses are also great for traveling because you can fit a ton of items inside. Not only are these accessories practical, but they are stylish too. As the Olsen twins have showed us, oversized accessories can be very chic!

The next time you travel, make sure to wear layers, soft fabrics, and comfy shoes to fight the inevitable temperature changes. With these tips, you’ll be sure to ace your airport attire!

Alexa Di Luca is a student at Sarah Lawrence College, who is hoping to pursue a career that involves writing and graphic design. When she isn't busy with her next assignment, you can find her at the gym, drinking coffee, or catching up on her favorite Netflix shows. She describes her style to be classic and casual because she believes that comfort should be an essential part of fashion.