Ruth Crilly: Renaissance Woman

Ruth Crilly: Renaissance Woman

In the modeling industry, it’s nearly impossible to jump start a truly successful career once you’re out of your teens, and it’s almost a joke to expect any luck once you’ve hit your thirties. Aside from the inundation of celebrity-endorsed ads for perfumes, clothing lines, and cosmetics, the pretty faces you see on the runways, TV, and in magazines are getting younger and younger. That’s why it’s such a miracle that model Ruth Crilly is 31 years old, and still going quite strong.


It all started back in 2001, when Ruth Crilly left the school where she was studying law and risked a chance at modeling. She dropped her photos off at a Topshop in Birmingham and never looked back. She did not give up on her education, though, as she graduated with a degree in literature and continued her studies in creative writing later on. She was lucky enough to make it big, becoming an international model and representing magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour, and Elle. She has also starred in campaigns for Swatch, Olay, and Manhattan Cosmetics.

When you first take a glance at Ruth Crilly, you probably notice her most prominent feature: The large gap between her teeth. Rather than hindering her modeling dreams, that quirky characteristic makes her all the more charming. After all, don’t we want to see models with an imperfection? Ironically, it’s that imperfection that makes her endearingly perfect. Her flawless complexion and round face definitely don’t hurt, either. They merely add a youthful glow to her appearance.

One of the benefits of her full-time vocation is the interest that she developed in skincare and makeup. The eloquent and well-spoken Crilly runs her own YouTube channel and website, A Model Recommends, in order to share the very same tips and tricks she’s learned throughout her 10-year modeling run with beauty and fashion fanatics. Crilly constantly asks questions at her modeling shoots, and then shares the answers with the world. On her website, she offers a glimpse into her life, as well as beauty and fashion reviews and advice. She’s even expanded her site to touch on topics like fitness and health.

Crilly continues to be on the move, regularly flying to different countries to do new shoots. Just last year, Crilly appeared in campaigns for Pavilions Shopping Centre Birmingham and KMS California hair products. She also advertised for Vivienne Westwood and Patrick Cox. On top of her modeling career and other endeavors, she consistently appears in the press, most recently in an interview with Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride. With her website, YouTube channel, and whirlwind model life, Ruth Crilly has a lot on her hands, but there’s nothing this Renaissance woman can’t handle.

Esther Reisberg is currently an undergraduate student working towards degrees in Communications and Spanish. With more magazine subscriptions than she can count, she shares her love of the beauty world on her personal blog, When Life Hands You Lipstick. In addition to writing for CHAOS, Esther also interns for a small Chicago area publishing company editing book manuscripts.