Parsons Students Bring Daring Looks to the Runway

The 68th Annual Parsons Benefit and Fashion Show was held at Pier 60, Chelsea Piers, N.Y. on May 23, 2016. The event displayed the work of graduating Parsons students and students from the College of Preforming Arts. The fashion show was the highlight of the event because of its exciting energy from the enthusiastic speakers, the loud music, and of course, the unique looks.

A lot of the Parsons students incorporated a mix of sheer and opaque fabrics within their designs. For example, a model wore a turtleneck dress with vertical, solid, navy stripes that alternated with sheer stripes. This contrast created an elegant vibe within the look.

In addition, the students created “flowy” looks by layering different fabrics. For example, one model wore a dress that incorporated blue and white pieces of fabric sewn on top of each other. This created an effortless ensemble that had fluid motion when the model walked. Another model wore a top and pants that were both made out of layered pieces, including a range of materials and colors, from maroon pleather to beige cotton. These outfits took the fad of patchwork to a whole new level.

Another trend in the fashion show was geometric patterns. For example, one model wore a black pantsuit with a white rectangle on the front. The shape brought attention to the look because of its simplistic nature. In addition, another model wore a beige vest with various geometric shapes, over a cream, button-down shirt. Both of these outfits were made up of simple pieces that were enhanced by the various shapes.

In addition to these creative looks, the fashion students added a few fun surprises to the show. The audience’s first moment of marvel involved animals. When the models first walked on the runway, all the audience saw were simple cream ensembles; however, as the models turned around, the audience was delighted to see the surprises on their backs. Within this series, each model had large, cream colored, stuffed animals sewn onto the back of their outfit. This added a lighthearted, and definitely creative, aspect to the fashion show. The second surprise involved outfits entitled “dollies,” that almost looked as if they were inspired by Johnny Depp’s character as the Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland.” One model wore a pink and green, puffy dress with a necklace of hands wrapped around her neck. This ensemble was wild and unique, to say the least. The audience will definitely never forget these memorable looks.

Overall, the outfits from the Parsons fashion show were paired with simple hairstyles and accessories, such as wavy hair and high buns. This brought the focus of the look to the outfits themselves. It is obvious that these students had a blast designing these bold, creative looks and everyone cannot wait to see what they come up with next year!

Photos were taken by Melissa Makris.

Alexa Di Luca is a student at Sarah Lawrence College, who is hoping to pursue a career that involves writing and graphic design. When she isn't busy with her next assignment, you can find her at the gym, drinking coffee, or catching up on her favorite Netflix shows. She describes her style to be classic and casual because she believes that comfort should be an essential part of fashion.