The One Piece Makes a Comeback

There’s nothing better than celebrating the 4th of July with your friends and family. Whether you went camping, were out by the water, or sitting pool side with your friends, the weekend was all about the bathing suit!  We’ve seen all types of bathing suits rise and fall in popularity over the last few seasons. The most popular suit that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is of course the bikini. You get optimal skin exposure to help achieve that sun kissed summer skin, and there is such a wide variety of styles now. So we’ve seen the famous bikini get smaller and smaller throughout the years. But now the one piece has come back into popularity! I’m sure most of us are picturing the funky, floral touristy one piece suit you tend to see on every vacation. But designers have been really changing things up! Trying to make the one piece a trendy item again for this season!

With everyone’s different styles, tastes, and of course comfort level when it comes to swimsuits, designers have been coming up with ways to tie in trends from everyday clothes to our suits. We’ve seen boho, the classic “Baywatch” high cut, athleisure, preppy, then super trendy. The boho one pieces feature a fun cut-out detail in the center. The cut out is typically some type of flower, or sun, resembling the patterns usually on a tapestry. We can’t forget about the classic, high-cut leg, famous red Baywatch swimsuit. This style and cut of suit has made a major comeback. A lot of 80’s-90’s nostalgia has been happening with fashion right now, so it’s only right that it spreads into beachwear as well. We’ve also seen sporty touches to some one pieces. Small details like zippers and a more thick dry-fit material resemble the wet suits surfers wear. Trendy twists from fashion have been added to basic one pieces. Side cut-outs and lace-up centers have been seen. Another one of the hottest summer trends is the open back. This feature has been added to the list of fun one pieces for this season as well! You can check out places like American Apparel, H&M, Bloomingdales, and a few fun boutiques online like Nasty Gal or MissGuided for your own pair!

Mercedes is a Fashion Merchandise Management student, working towards her last year of college. Throughout school, she noticed her passion for fashion was the direction she wanted to go towards with her career. With her entrepreneur mindset, she hopes to run her own business after graduation. Known for her "Classic-Temptation", you'll see her adding a trendy twist to her classic style most days. Tea, a warm blanket and Vogue is her ideal way to end the day.