Michael Costello Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Michael Costello appeared at New York Fashion Week this past week, and his show was nothing less than gown perfection. The designer channeled his inner sensual spectrum, designing pieces with rich patterns, textures, cuts, and colors.

The show consisted of men and women’s wear, focusing on the gown and jumpsuit. Costello used deep burgundy, reds, emeralds, and blacks to outline his collection. Styles ranged from flowing gowns, showing off the shoulder glam, and high constructed dresses featuring stiff shoulder architecture and defined waists. No style was seen twice on the runway, proving his collection was diverse for the upcoming season.

Michael Costello’s designs are the epitome of femininity. In his current collection, as well as past collections, the designer emphasizes the female figure, making body-hugging pieces. His dresses accentuate the best parts of a woman’s body, focusing on the legs, hips, back, and breasts. His pieces have been seen of celebrities like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian, all who are not shy about showing off their curves.

The designer made a bold statement for this coming season’s dresses. He stuck to a color palette of very deep and rich tones, normally seen during fall and winter runway shows. The colors add a dark sultry effect to a spring/summer collection, proving that we should push away the pastels for the upcoming season and embrace the richness of our favorite deep shades.

Michael Costello’s new collection is off the runway ready.

Courtney is a journalism student, finishing up her last few years at school. She finds inspiration from the runway and the street, incorporating that into her ever evolving style. She has a passion for fashion and beauty writing, hoping to make that her career in the future.