Mark McNairy’s New Republic Collection Gives The Everyday Man A Chance At Luxury

Mark McNairy is a person with a colorful personality to say the least. You don’t need to meet him to know this, simply take a look at the style of clothing he has designed currently and in the past.. This is a man who made the decision to have a shirt with explicit writing walk down the runway. McNairy is often mistaken for a grouch or a grumpy man and even has been granted the nickname of “McNasty”, but his design strategy may say otherwise. There’s a bright personality behind that stiff exterior.

Mark is otherwise known for his time spent as the creative director designing with the preppy inspired label J. Press and his higher end eponymous brand, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam. Mark is a designer who is no stranger to partnerships; this past year he partnered with Five Four Club, the male fashion, monthly subscription based team. What started off as a simple collaboration has blossomed into a beautiful relationship, in which McNairy has been named the head designer of the Five Four Club.

This extension in his aesthetic is perfectly placed with the announcement of McNairy’s newest collaboration with the subscription club. It will be called New Republic, which will provide men with luxury style shoes created by the genius himself, but at more than half of the price. Typically a pair of loafers or brogues from McNairy’s New Amsterdam collection could range from $500 or more. The New Republic collection won’t be as pricey ranging from $50-$98 dollars.

Of course with collaborations such as this one, one that allows consumers to get a similar kind of product from a designer at a lower price point, there is some discussion and dialogue. This does not worry McNairy, who in a recent interview with WWD states “ This stuff never goes into a store it goes straight to the consumer. So it’s not competing with my regular collection.”