Raf Simons x Adidas Collaboration

Raf Simons is a man of many talents. Not only does he still run his own menswear label out of Antwerp, Belgium, and has since the mid-’90s, but he was also recently named the chief creative officer of Calvin Klein. Nothing compares, however, to the on-going partnership he has with Adidas. For his new Fall 2016 collection, Simons has released what seems to be his coolest collection of sneakers yet.

For this upcoming collection, the designer has reworked and reimagined some classic Adidas designs. This fall, he has turned the Stan Smith into a metallic silver shoe with an “R” engraved on the side and the Trail Runner into a multicolored delight.

But Simons is also bringing back his favorite style yet. Launched in the 80’s, the designer has redesigned the Matrix style and also invented the Stan Smith Comfort.

The original Stan Smith sneaker comes in a glossy ivory, black, and crimson this season. Similar to the other Stan Smith style, the Stan Smith Comfort shoe comes with three, Velcro straps in place of laces, and comes in a variety of color pairings like cyan with ivory and purple against black and white. The Spirit Matrix, as Simons brought back the original classic, is a take on basketball shoes, available in low or high tops in white, black, purple, and red.

Contemplating which one may be the designer’s favorite thus far? The designer himself wore the Spirit Matrix low to take his bow at the Spring 2017 show in Florence.


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