Effortless Style: Trendy Beauty Hacks

Everyone wants to look like they put some time and effort into their makeup and hair, however; let’s face it, our lives are busy and we don’t always have the time to apply four coats of nail polish or to style our hair, just as model Gigi Hadid had done on her latest cover. Luckily, some of the latest beauty trends involve taking shortcuts. Who knew that looking put together could be so easy with these trendy beauty hacks?

One of the most fun beauty tricks is spray on nail polish. Fashion icon, model, and Vogue editor Alexa Chung collaborated with Nails Inc to create this revolutionary product. InStyle Magazine declared their invention to be a “viral beauty trend” and “the next big thing in nails.” All you have to do is apply a clear base coat and spray the colored polish on your nails. To ensure that your manicure will last longer, apply a top coat. The final step is to wash your hands under water in order to remove the excess colored spray from your skin. It’s that simple! Not only is this product a huge time saver, but it also makes it easier for you to create an even layer of polish on your nails.

One unique makeup trick that will leave all your friends in awe is the eye stencil. This product is a piece of fabric with a repeated pattern cut out of it. In Chanel’s Fall 2016 show, the models (including Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner) wore this look on the runway. The eye makeup created a “quilted” look as the makeup artists described it. There are so many different types of eye stencils that can add a fun element to your makeup. Just place the fabric over your eyelid and apply eyeshadow over it. This will leave you with a fun, bold design that will bring attention to the eyes in an interesting way. Details are everything!

Another trendy trick is the messy side braid. Actresses Lucy Hale and Minka Kelly are great examples of females who love to rock this look at red carpet events. The first step to completing this easy hairstyle is to roll out of bed with tousled hair. Next, make a loose side braid, pull a few strands out and apply a bit of dry shampoo to add texture. This will give you an effortlessly chic look!

These quick beauty hacks will make it look like you put a ton of time into your makeup and hair, when in reality you’ve only spent a few minutes. We can’t wait to learn about the next new beauty tools and tricks to help us achieve effortlessly put together looks!

Photos are from Nails Inc and Chanel.

Alexa Di Luca is a student at Sarah Lawrence College, who is hoping to pursue a career that involves writing and graphic design. When she isn't busy with her next assignment, you can find her at the gym, drinking coffee, or catching up on her favorite Netflix shows. She describes her style to be classic and casual because she believes that comfort should be an essential part of fashion.