Daniela Uhlig: Defying White Collar Culture

Daniele Uhlig is not concerned about the comfort level of a conservative audience, as the 31-year-old illustrator has a blatant disregard for social norms. Naked, carelessly posed, and carrying shameless eye contact, her art subjects openly display their sensuality. Rather than appearing pornographic or exploitative, Uhlig’s characters are a celebration of the nude human form.


Daniela Uhlig makes the abnormal youth beautiful by welcoming cultural differences. The colorful, dreadlocked, and pierced youths who are often reprimanded for defying white collar culture are held front and center in her work. She explores the fringes of the socially accepted world, and she has little to say about the revered socioeconomic classes. Through she ignores the majority, Uhlig normalizes the wild and sometimes promiscuous minority.

That doesn’t mean she’s unable to create safe-for-work material, because she does a bit of everything with her talent. She has a sense of humor in her depictions of children, which dive into the exploratory memories of youth. Daniela Uhlig even dabbles a bit with fuzzy creatures that seem to belong on the pages of a children’s book.

The inhumanly clean quality of her characters’ features and skin add to their beauty, regardless of their socially unaccepted habits. They become otherworldly and simultaneously familiar, which easily draws in the curious eye.

Daniela Uhlig’s works can be found on du-artwork.de. She is currently based in Berlin, where she works for a game company and freelances on the side.

Adriana is a University of Maryland student majoring in journalism. She enjoys a good paperback, black coffee, and a full night's sleep (although she rarely scores a three out of three). Like most 20-somethings, she navigates through life's unpredictable weather and tries to see the sunny side of things. She has a passion for storytelling, and hopes to make a career out of finding unconventional ways to tell narratives.