Celebrity Style Swaps: Highlighter Hair Colors

Switching out your hair color is one of the easiest ways to change up your look. Whether getting a blonde ombre or going all out with a deep blue color, people will be sure to notice. Several fashion and beauty icons have proved that they love switching up their hair colors and that they are pros at pulling off this evolution.

Model Kylie Jenner has showed her fans that changing up her hair is a part of her identity. Whether dying her hair permanently or wearing a wig, Jenner is all about new colors! Some of the teen’s iconic looks include a blue, ombre bob and long, blonde locks. It looks like Kim Kardashian had been inspired by her sister’s frequent new ‘dos because she swapped out her natural, dark locks for platinum blond hair. At Coachella this year, Jenner tried out some unique colors. In the beginning of the festival, she sported a neon peach, custom-made wig. Following, she wore a pastel, rainbow wig. This caught the attention of her fans because Jenner ultimately proved that she could wear any color or combination of colors and still look flawless.

Another celebrity who isn’t afraid to try bold hair colors is Actress and Singer Hilary Duff. Everyone was shocked when the young mom died her classic blonde ‘do to a mermaid-inspired blue. In an interview with MTV News, Duff said “It felt really good. It takes a while to get used to– like I feel like my makeup has to be different, […] my colors that I wear have to change a little bit. I would probably recommend not going like a shocking shade.” Take Duff’s advice, and try something neutral first! A few months ago, she changed her hair to a pink bob. The pastel color was a unique switch that enhanced her elegant nature.

Actress Emma Stone is also famous for dying her hair different shades. While Stone hasn’t tried out any wild colors like Jenner and Duff have, she has been able to effortlessly pull off being a brunette, a blonde, and a red head.

At your next hair appointment, try a new color and embrace the change. These celebrities certainly have!

Alexa Di Luca is a student at Sarah Lawrence College, who is hoping to pursue a career that involves writing and graphic design. When she isn't busy with her next assignment, you can find her at the gym, drinking coffee, or catching up on her favorite Netflix shows. She describes her style to be classic and casual because she believes that comfort should be an essential part of fashion.