Binx Walton Is Ready for the Top

Binx Walton Is Ready

As an intriguing, stimulating, and daring girl, Binx Walton is new to the modeling industry, though it has been calling her for some time. Walton was first approached by an agency owner six years ago, and although she held back for a while, the development since then was worth the entire wait.

Contrary to many models on the radar, Binx Walton took time to develop her look and style before pursuing her modeling career. Lucky for her, her look was worth it, as she is now represented by several agencies like AMAX and Next Models NY. Growing up in Hawaii and Tennessee gave Walton a diverse background, and she took advantage of those different cultures by studying performing arts. Modeling isn’t her only talent, as she is also an accomplished performer of African dance and hip-hop.

Included in her makeover was a crisp, short haircut to emphasize her beautiful bone structure and make way for her fierce demeanor. Her look is powerful and dramatic, which is great because the industry is evolving in 2013. A model with a signature holds the key to being remembered and Binx Walton’s signature is one of a kind. Her ears are pierced in an edgy way. It’s not too punk that she can’t show versatility, though it’s just enough to set her apart from the rest. Binx Walton knows the way to the top, so stay tuned for the show!

Nadia Beeman is a Minneapolis, Minnesota native and writer for CHAOS with a focus on Trends and Models on The Radar. A recent graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, Nadia brings a unique and fresh approach to fashion advice for CHAOS readers. Well known for her artistic approach to style and fashion, Nadia continues to push the envelope encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and embrace their individual style.