Beautiful Body Chains to Rock at Coachella and Beyond

Beautiful Body Chains to Rock at Coachella and Beyond

Everyone going to Coachella, the famous desert music festival, is just as excited about what they are going to wear as they are about the artists they are going to hear. Much struggle goes into creating the perfect outfit for the festival, but you can’t neglect to think about jewelry, which can seriously make an outfit! Coachella is the perfect time to try out the body chains trend and to rock some jewelry that’s a little different than your usual.

Many Coachella goers try to go a very boho route with their style for the desert festival. If you want to get a little boho but aren’t sure how to, body chains are great to throw on on top of (or under) your outfit. This small addition will add a bohemian flair to any outfit, making you festival ready!

Body chains can be worn in a few different fashions. The most popular types are worn around the torso like a dainty metal harness. There are also chains that can hang from the thigh, or can drape around a shoulder and hang down an arm. Each type can complement certain outfits and take a look to the next level.

This jewelry can be very dainty, or more elaborate. Dainty small chains look perfect worn either under or over crop tops or bralettes. There are very simple chains, or chains with hanging statement pendants. These are great to wear with a simple knit bra top and high waist shorts to spice up an outfit composed of basics.

Arm chains can be worn with tank tops or halter tops. They can either hang around your shoulders or circle one of your arms. They will look awesome when you’re throwing your arms up in the air while you’re dancing and feeling the music. Leg chains can be worn under shorts or mini dresses. They usually hang on to your leg with a garter of sorts. They’ll accentuate your legs, which is perfect if they’re your favorite assets!

Whether or not you’re going to Coachella, you can try this trend. Body chains are excellent for music festivals, but they can also be worn with any outfit this spring for a hint of edgy boho charm. Remember, jewelry isn’t just for your neck and wrists!

Ashley Laderer is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She is inspired by all things New York, and she loves exploring the city. On top of being obsessed with fashion, she is also obsessed with her two chihuahuas, Starr and Miley. In her free time, she loves playing the ukulele or guitar and eating lots and lots of junk food.