Amelia Zadro Begs to Differ

Amelia Zadro Begs To Differ

Model Amelia Zadro is a brand new face who exudes natural beauty and sharpness. Her authentic style will draw you into a daze and lead you into whatever story she is telling. Stay tuned for this talented girl, as it is the beginning of a successful modeling career.

At the age of 14, the Australian beauty was discovered upon entering a magazine model search contest. Receiving runner up gave her enough of a confidence boost to return to modeling; however, she decided to finish school first. Once school was completed, she was recruited by Priscilla’s Model Management to take off her career.


One of Zadro’s strongest points is her ability to transform from one character to the next, as she can go from excited and girly to soft and mature in one take. Fears of swimsuits and haute couture don’t get to this one, as Zadro is open to try different things and looks great in pretty much anything she wears. Since working with Priscilla’s Model Management, Amelia Zadro has done some widespread work. While in Sydney, she worked for Sass & Bide, Dion Lee,, and Oyster. There is no doubt that the list will increase to international work, and we anticipate seeing more of the beautiful Amelia Zadro.

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